Winklevii know what’s up

In the continuing saga of Gox falling from being the “world’s largest Bitcoin exchange,” the Winklevoss twins make an interesting point on their site. Also, for this reason primarily I am following their index.

* As of February 7, 2014, Mt.Gox placed a “pause on all [BTC] withdrawal requests” in addition to a continued “back-log of [USD] withdrawals”. As a result, it is no longer a qualified exchange for the Winkdex calculation.

via the Winklevoss Index Formula

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On today

“A school spokesman said all of the students on the list have been notified of the breach, and noted that no Social Security numbers were released.”


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On iOS7

I played with iOS7 today. The fanciest features that are new and notable to me in my brief examination today are features I’ve enjoyed on my Android for some time, or have originated on other platforms for many years.

For example. The first thing I noticed was in multitasking on iOS7. The multitasking view now includes a view of the running applications in addition to the just the application’s icon, which was standard in iOS6.x. (to my knowledge) Screenshots of the differences are below. I like this feature. It gives a visual cue as to what you were doing in an application before switching to another one. It’s been on the Android platform since 4.x. I frequently make use of that to copy (for example) passwords from one window to the next by visually reading it off when I already have something in my clipboard that I don’t want to remove.


Also, a little history lesson; this feature dates all the way back to Web OS from Palm devices. For you kids who don’t know what those are, Google it. The swipe-up style of “throwing away” an application to close it dates way back to Palm devices.


The toggles in the “command center” (pictured below vs. Android) are standard on most Android devices, both on stock AOSP and most skins that I’ve played with.  (“Command center” is in quotes, because I’m not positive that’s the name for it, and I’m too lackadaisical to look it up.)


Finally, “dat lockscreen!” I was very impressed with the new lockscreen in iOS7. Ditched that fugly slider for something more beautiful, seamless, while still being able to access what’s important. Wow. No sarcasm, I was genuinely impressed. That is (at least in my subjective opinion) the most beautiful feature to be added this time around. It is something that has existed on other platforms for a long time, most notably on Android. (see below)

There’s still an obvious difference in the status bar. Apple has taken that design element to the next level, by making it seamless in (almost) every instance I was able to see in the few minutes I tinkered around on iOS7 today. That can be gained through root access on an Android device, sure; but I’m not discussing superuser technique here. This is just my rudimentary comparison after playing with the software for a few minutes today.

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